Vocabulary for Types of Shirts

This is a shirt!

StofelaEnglish - types of shirts

The clothing that you use on the upper half of your body that is separate from pants. In English, you can use shirt to describe any type of this part of clothing. But if you want to become fluent and learn more vocabulary in English, you can learn the specific words that break down what types of shirts exist in the English language and what each one means.

Knowing the types of shirts will help you when you’re at the store buying clothes and want a specific type. For example, you may go to the store and say, “I want to buy a shirt.” The woman or man in the store that is helping you will probably ask, “What kind of shirt are you looking for?” And if you don’t know the vocabulary for types of shirts, you’ll look at them with a confused look on your face.

There are five types of shirts that are the most common. For each one, think about if the word is used for women’s clothing or men’s clothing more. Think about what kind of shirts you have in your closet. And then go practice with your own clothing!

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A blouse is normally a shirt used by women that is nicer than a t-shirt. It may be made of different material than cotton, such as silk, linen, or polyester. The neckline usually varies a lot and there are different sleeve lengths.

Button-Up Shirt

A button-up shirt is exactly what it says – it has buttons on the front. A button-up shirt is a dress shirt. Most often used by men for work or more formal settings, although I do know men that use it for casual settings. It has a stiff collar on the top, a closed neckline, usually short or long sleeves, and buttons that close the front of the shirt.

Dress Shirt

A dress shirt is any shirt that is used for formal settings. As mentioned, a button-up shirt is a dress shirt with buttons on the front. It may be used by men or women. Other dress shirts that aren’t button-up shirts are usually used by women. A blouse may be considered a dress shirt. It is any shirt that is used for formal settings.

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Polo Shirt

A polo shirt is a cotton/polyester shirt with a collar and two buttons. The buttons don’t continue all the way down the shirt, and the collar is usually flexible, instead of stiff like a button-up shirt. Polo shirts are often used for golfing and may be called golf shirts.


A t-shirt is the most basic of shirts. It is most often made of cotton or a cotton/polyester blend. The neckline is always close to the neck and does not vary. The sleeves are usually almost to the elbow or to the wrist. There are most often designs on the front or back. T-shirts are usually the cheapest type of shirt as well.

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Knowing the names for the types of shirts will help you improve your vocabulary and take one more step towards English fluency!

Now go practice your English in your closet with your own shirts!

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