How to Learn English with Music

One of my favorite ways to learn another language is listening to music in that language. Using music to learn English helps you in the following ways:

  • It helps you learn new vocabulary.
  • It helps you learn vocabulary that is popular, instead of words that people don’t actually use.
  • It helps you learn more about culture.
  • It helps you learn how to pronounce the words correctly.
  • And it’s fun. 🙂

Follow these steps to improve your English with music.

Popular music is best!

Choose a song in English that is popular. If you need help choosing a popular song, ask your friends, listen to the radio, or go to Apple Music and look at their popular songs. You may want to choose a song that is slower if you’re still in the beginning of your English learning journey.

No subtitles or lyrics

Listen to the music without any subtitles or lyrics. Try to catch as many words as you can. It’s okay if you can’t understand everything. What was the message of the song? How did it make you feel?

Use lyrics this time

Listen to the music again, but this time with the lyrics. Read the words as you listen to the words of the song.

Write down words

Write down any words that you do not know the meaning of. Add them to your notebook of new words to learn.

Main point

What was the message of the song? Did you learn new things about the message of the song after listening to it with the lyrics? Were there any cultural references that you did not understand?


Were there any words that you have been pronouncing wrong?

Fill in the blank

The last time that you listen to the music, use a “fill in the blank” sheet to practice your listening skills. You can create a fill in the blank worksheet by randomly deleting some of the words from the lyrics. Then, when you listen to the music, write in the missing words.

And don’t forget to have fun! Follow these steps and watch your English get better quickly!

What is your favorite music in English?

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Need somewhere to start? Use my FREE fill in the blank worksheet for the song “Good Grief” by Bastille.

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